Tariff Classification of A Printed Circuit Board.

Tariff Classification of A Printed Circuit Board

The ANGHVG printed circuit board (PCB) is a device specifically designed for use with the cobas e 801 analyzer. It contains a potentiostat, which applies the RE-WE voltage while maintaining the cell RE-WE voltage at a constant value. A relay is also installed to protect the voltage from being applied when the software is not running. The PCB reports the values of the cell CE-WE voltage and the measuring cell current to the EECL402/403 circuit board. Additionally, the measuring cells located in the detection unit are where the actual chemical reaction of patient blood and on-board reagents take place. The PCB is imported as a replacement part and will be replaced by a Roche field service engineer if the original PCB fails. It is important to note, however, that the PCB is not compatible with any other devices, including other Roche analyzers.

The ANGHVG printed circuit board falls under HTSUS subheading 9027.90.5650. Parts and accessories for electrical instruments and equipment, namely those for instruments and equipment of subheadings 9027.20, 9027.30, 9027.50, 9027.81, or 9027.89, are covered by this subsection. This covers microtomes’ parts and accessories as well as items from subheading 9027.50.40, including instruments and apparatus for physical or chemical analysis, tools for measuring or checking viscosity, porosity, expansion, surface tension, or the like, tools for measuring or checking quantities of heat, sound, or light, and microtomes.

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